Your Syndication

Automate email arrivals to your inbox with powerful rules.
Take control of your Syndication with anonymity and automation.

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Choose An Email Address

Emails sent to your Syndicate App email address will have your rules applied to them.

Provide An Email Address

Tell us where emails should arrive after your rules have been applied.

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Automate Arrival

Process inbound email before it reaches your inbox

Remove Trackers

Protect your privacy by removing tracking pixels.


Receive emails no earlier than the time you want to.


Sometimes unsubscribing doesn't work, stop emails forever.


Tranform emails to JSON and POST to your webhook.


Forward emails to any address that you own.

Prepend Subject

Add a custom prefix to subject lines.

Add Headers

Add custom headers to inbound email.

Remove Headers

Remove unwanted headers from inbound email.

Simple Matching

Apply rules based on simple conditions.
Any header (From, Subject, etc.) can be matched with full or partial text.

When Contains

Clear Pricing

Only pay for the processing done.
First 10 processes are FREE every month, $0.05/process thereafter.

Tier 1

  • 0 - 10 Processes

Tier 2

$0.05 / process
  • 10+ Processes

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